“Time is the friend of the wonderful business, the enemy of the mediocre.” – Warren Buffett

Our Values

Alcosta was founded and operates on three principles:

1. Investment design-making must remain conflict-free.

Our independence empowers us to act in the best interest of our clients at all times. We do not push products to meet quotas or earn commissions. Our investment decisions are well-researched, objective and strategic.

2. Investment focus and client selectivity work best.

Rather than seeking to be all things to all people, our investment management strategy is limited to those asset classes that we know and understand. In turn, our firm consists of clients who seek to benefit from our focused expertise.

3. Long-term relationships must be earned and fostered.

We continually seek to maintain client trust and confidence through integrity, transparency and performance. This dedication to client needs is rewarded through our long-term personal relationships with them.