“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.” – Albert Einstein

Portfolio Management

Alcosta monitors and assesses all portfolio holdings regularly. We use clearly defined sell criteria to realize profits and maintain our portfolio risk profile. Equity positions may be sold or adjusted based on a range of well-defined factors and risk exposure, and positions may be added if more attractive investment opportunities are identified.

We believe that personal fortunes can be made from ownership in great companies, and that American companies continue to offer the greatest opportunities for wealth creation. For this reason, we concentrate our clients’ equity portfolios in U.S.-listed growth stocks.

We strive to remain in touch with clients at all times, by phone, email, in written monthly and quarterly reports, and in face-to-face meetings offered at least once a year. We seek to keep investors abreast of their portfolio and to understand their changing needs. Our goal is to communicate with honesty and candor. When there is bad news it gets delivered quickly and without sugar-coating.